Yep – it’s mine today. So rather than do as promised, and continue my essay on IT management, I’m just going to rest up and reflect on birthdays.

 I started my last job the day after my birthday – one of the big ones. I started this new job a week before my birthday – just an ordinary one. Maybe I find birthdays a time for reflection and change.

In MPPOW there were some very distinctive groupings of star signs amongst library staff – lots and lots of Pisceans, and very few of some star signs. Anyone else noticed such groupings in libraries?

 Well the big thing about this birthday is that I am going to get a new computer, good enough so I have to stop using my old computer as an excuse not to get involved in Second Life. Next week. I promise.


Welcome to my blog

Hi.  My esteemed colleague Kathryn told me that when I moved to my new job, I would have to start a blog to share my experiences. So I am. So blame her…..

 Actually, I thought long and hard about it, because I wondered what on earth I could say that others might find interesting. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not short of something to say, but interesting to others??? Hmmm.

But then I thought about

  • all the years of experience I have in systems librarianship (by another name)
  • my excitement about the state of the profession and libraries in Australia at present
  • my passion for all things to do with resource sharing
  • my serious interest in the models used by libraries to manage IT
  • some of the frustrations I have and
  •  the perspective I bring to all that from having grown up in the Australian outback, and I thought just maybe I might be able to contribute.

 So here I am! Hopefully this blog will improve as I get more familiar with the tools, and I aim to keep posting regularly. I’ll also be changing the designs to reflect me and share with you my love of the bush, as soon as I can figure out how!

So hi again, and lets share.