My name is Carolyn, and two years ago I moved from Perth Western Australia, the most isolated capital city in the world, to live on the Gold Coast, the holiday destination of Australia. To my delight and surprise, I have found that it is also a very special place to live.

I am passionate about many things. Some of my hobbies are:

  • family history. I’m looking into how we can make use of this technology to network, locate and share information with other members of our family, and how the technologies generally can be used by those interested in this field.
  • reading. My mother told me I should be a librarian because I love books – well I don’t get to have much to do with the books in my job, but I still love them.
  • fibre and thread crafts. I am an adequate amateur at many crafts involving fibre and thread, my favourites being cross-stitch, spinning and lace making. If I had my time again, I would work somewhere in the fibre industry. I am not creative in the artistic sense, but love to create.
  • beading. I just love the sense of creating something of beauty.

If anyone is interested in the beautiful pics that I am going to use in the header of this blog, they are taken by my husband and you can see more of his work on Flikr. This one is taken at Birdsville in Far West Queensland.


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