Yep – it’s mine today. So rather than do as promised, and continue my essay on IT management, I’m just going to rest up and reflect on birthdays.

 I started my last job the day after my birthday – one of the big ones. I started this new job a week before my birthday – just an ordinary one. Maybe I find birthdays a time for reflection and change.

In MPPOW there were some very distinctive groupings of star signs amongst library staff – lots and lots of Pisceans, and very few of some star signs. Anyone else noticed such groupings in libraries?

 Well the big thing about this birthday is that I am going to get a new computer, good enough so I have to stop using my old computer as an excuse not to get involved in Second Life. Next week. I promise.


3 thoughts on “Birthdays

  1. Thanks guys. I don’t feel so old today… son just bought a new XBOX 360 game and brought it round, and we’ve spent the evening acting like idiots playing silly games – and I even won some of them! Makes me feel young again.

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